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Accidental designer, deliberate knitter.

Running a knitting business from my home to share the history of knitting with others. Whether you are a knitter looking for a pattern or just appreciate a hand-made item, this is a good place to start. I have been knitting for 35+ years. I started to make hats because I can’t sit still and I love to be knitting. It makes me smile when I see someone with an item on that I made. I am published in Interweave Knits and have several contracts with fledgling businesses for patterns.

You can’t imagine the pride and joy it gives me to see a person knit a design I made, especially when they share it with me and others.
I am all about knitting 24 hours a day. I never mind when someone needs help with a project because that is what knitting is all about sharing.

Knitting to me was an outlet to be that fat kid behind the beautiful sweater a skinny girl would wear, a way to be beautiful without being seen. My family told me that it was a stupid idea and knitting would never be popular again, how about now. So as a kid that was always told you’re not good enough, of fast enough, or even pretty enough, I knit for myself and the family member that didn’t make fun of me. Most of my knitting was done for baby shower gifts.

I took that desire to create into the auto body painting industry, yep I can paint a car like nobody’s business. This was a big help in teaching me my style of color choices. Later in life I came back to my knitting, just to give my hands something to do, you see I don’t sleep a lot and knitting is a quiet activity, it portable, and quite inexpensive if you knit the same ball of yarn into a hundred thing without finishing.
This is where I figured out I had a problem with yarn and thinking it wanted to be what it wanted to be. I know you as a knitter have been knitting a pair of socks with a beautiful yarn and a beautiful pattern, but something is just not working. Listen to your yarn, it will let you know when you are knitting the right pattern with the right yarn for the right person.

Knitting in front of my computer absorbing all the information I could, I started designing and at the time I thought I was doing what everyone else in the world was doing a 3AM. Making a felted bag in color work with small needles to get a better graphic design. I later found out that the powers that be said you can’t knit with small needles and felt it, well then I guess this purse is a figment of my imagination, that is pretty heavy on my arm to be imaginary. Thanks to The Loopy Ewe coming to Colorado for showing me that I was a little different and yes you can felt small yarn knitted with tiny needles, because that bag was and still in Interweave Knits. It’s my first sign of, you’re not like everyone else and that’s alright, people will like you for you.

I love getting to talk to people about knitting and I also love teaching knitting. There is no better feeling than to see someone figure it out and go on to make beautiful items with their own two hand. If I hadn’t walked into TLE my very first real yarn store, I would have never known how special knitting people are and how many new friends I could make.


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