red-bucketFrom the Red Bucket, knitting/ cooking pot(not any more). I wanted to show you how I use the small balls of yarn that you have left over. You know the ones you can’t part with but are still to small to use in most projects. Mine lives in a Red Bucket/cooking pot that’s in my knitting room.

I mostly knit with fingering weight and that is what I keep in my Red Bucket.




1/4/17 Today I wanted to talk about smaller knitting needles and the issues that I am having with them. I purchased two pair of needles from different companies. First pair are Knit Picks size 0’s. They have a good needle size and a blunt tip compared to the other pair. The second pair I purchased are HiyaHiya size 0. The have a shorter needle and a sharper tip.
Differences are the tips and the joints of the cables. I have read many reviews about smaller needles and it seems to be a big problem getting the cable attached to the needle especially when it’s a small needle. The two pair I have are indeed different. The Knit Picks are hard to knit with because the join is rough. This makes the yarn stick when it’s time to move to the needle. The join on the HiyaHiya are much smoother. I am a very loose knitter that normally has to go down a needle size or two to knit to gauge.
One last thing I did want to say was if you knit a lot and you push your stitches off with the tip of your finger, take care with the HiyaHiya’s, because I put a small hole in the tip of my finger. I had to put a band-aid on it to continue knitting. I had knit 6 hours that day and that might have been part of the reason.
Price wise the two are almost the same. I purchased the Knit Picks from Knit Picks and the HiyaHiya’s were purchased at The Loopy Ewe.



12/28/16 Wrap from the Red Bucket

Wednesday product review. Today I am tell you about my little finger counter. I love my counters and this one is fast becoming my favorite. The Yarn Hoarder talked about her socks and how at one time she measured the socks for toe placement, until there was a pair of socks that didn’t quite measure the same. You know you can lay them out side by side and if one is pulled a little tighter, that’s all you need to be off if your heel placement. She as well as many other sock knitter have went to using row counters or pen and paper, to keep up with the row count.
I did the pen and paper for a long time. Because you always have scraps of paper lying around, right. The problem I find with this is later if you need to repeat the process on more socks, say 5 months later, where is that scrap of paper? If you are like me it’s long gone. Believed to be just scribbles and no longer needed. Let’s hope it was at least after you finished the second sock. That would be really bad and we are back to guessing and two different lengths of socks.

I never kept the scraps of paper and it always seemed that I had something with numbers on it and I was sure it was a knitting project, but no name of pattern or needle size, or even yarn brand to guide me in the right direction. In the trash it would go. After a few weeks I would find a half knitted project and think where did I put my notes. The search would start all over.


12/7/16 Out with the old and in with the new. Today I would like to talk about my new HiyaHiya’s. They are the stainless steel Circulars in 9″ size 0/2mm. I purchased the at The Loopy Ewe for $8.95 through the website.
I had been using a pair I picked up at my local big box store, which are the wooden type and they were fine to learn how to use 9″ needles.

Differences, the point of the needles were the first thing that came into play, meaning I push with the tip of my index finger when knitting, and it has a little tender spot on the end due to the sharpness of the HiyaHiya’s. Don’t let this stop you from trying these needles because you may not knit like I do and it’s not  bad. I added a visual in hopes you can see the slight difference in points.
Next the shank of needle its self is about 1/4 of an inch longer which helps me hold my needles a little better. I found when I first started holding such a short needle, with the wooden pair made my hand cramp and took some time to get used to. The HiyaHiya’s give you more to work with and your hand doesn’t seem to be all bunched up in a tiny area.
Lastly the speed and slide of the steel needles. I have picked up quite a bit more speed in just one nights knitting. Last night after 6PM I started gift sock knitting. I make toe up 60 stitches is my normal and the length needed to be 80 rows to the heel. I was ready to put in the heel before I went to sleep and that is quite a bit faster than my normal.

The things that didn’t seem to change much for me, were the cables and the joins where the cables meet the needles. I hope if you are looking to change needles or try your hand at 9″ circulars you will give these a look. I will be picking up more brands to compare in the near future because 9″ circular sock knitting is my go to for socks now.




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