Mystery socks for coffee lovers.

Hey Guys, I am working on socks and I am again at the crossroads of choosing colors. I love it when you give me your ideas on what you like. These will become mystery socks for coffee lovers. I will be adding them to the store and the boxes will only show the size and […]

Christening gowns, are they still used?

Hi Guys, I was just sitting around thinking of what to knit next and a friend of mine suggested a Christening gown. Do people still do Christenings? Is it appropriate to do them in other colors? I would love more information on the subject. Tell me your experiences and would you do it again. I […]

La Petite French Bakery

If you have never had good pastries, then you don’t know what you are missing. I had never has such delights in all my life. I have traveled all over the US and never, I mean never ever have I wanted to eat a pastry so slow that it might take hours. To rush this […]

Sweater Bingo

Me and a friend of mine, in Canada, have been playing Sweater Bingo. I know you may be asking what is sweater bingo? Well, it6 all started out when we wanted to knit a sweater together. We went to Pinterest to find a sweater we could agree upon. There were many very nice sweater patterns […]

Pictures from FL to WI bound pup.

Hey guys, I have been doing a run by blogging the past few weeks. Here are the first two sweaters that went to FL along with the GBP( Green Bay Packers) sweater. Now, I think the sweaters are sweet but I get so excited to see the wearer in person so to speak, Enough gibber-gabber. […]

Potato Soup/ Clam chowder

Hey Guys, It’s getting cooler here and this is when I love to cook the most. So let’s get right to the easy, but body warming potato soup/clam chowder. First I will give you a shopping list, ham pieces( I get the cubed ones already chopped Farmland), Bear Creek creamy potato soup mix, 1/2 […]

Breakfast French Toast

Hey Guys, I had to share the breakfast my husband cooked for me today. We buy this apple cinnamon bread and it’s fantastic and full of calories. When we went to town he put two in our buggy, now I know it’s good bread but he doesn’t normally indulge like that. The next morning I […]