Yoke Sweater on its way to Japan

Hey Guys, I just finished a sweater size 2/3 and it’s on its way to Japan. Dog sweaters to Italy and people sweaters to Japan. I may have been looking in the wrong selling place. The excitement of selling yo people in other lands is beyond explosive. Well I am off to make another pet […]

Cable sweaters on their way to Italy

Hey Guys, I just had to show you the 2 off white cabled pet sweater I just shipped to Italy. The sweaters are for George and Charlotte, I will show these two cuties off after a quick update. I was thinking about pet sweaters and thought it might be time to make something different and […]

Bree is a knitting machine

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to Bree. She lives down the street from me and came up one day to pet the puppy and learn to knit. Bree is a crazy inspirational person, who just happens to be in a wheel chair. Don’t let that fool you she is a very talented […]

What is it you want to buy?

Hey Guys, I am in need of direction. You know as with many people these day, extra money isn’t extra. I want to help my hard-working husband make money to be able to pay bills and live the life I thought we might be living at our age. I don’t want you to feel bad […]

Not your Moms note cards.

Hey Guys, I thought I would start drawing again. Well, let’s be honest it’s been a long time since I felt like drawing. I stayed up way to late last night because I just couldn’t seem to stop. I want to do note cards and I need your help with the captions. I will send […]