Let’s talk about wraps and the perfect size.


Hey guys,
I was just sitting here in my knitting room, thinking about the wrap I have on my mannequin. What size is the perfect wrap?
Do you prefer wraps or shawls?

I want a wrap that you can cover most of your upper body with but it’s not like wearing a blanket. This is a perfect size for me and my daughter in law seems to like this size as well. Now what started this conversation was what we call around the house Kravitz wrap. It’s a monster wrap and I don’t think I could walk around and carry this one.

So my question to you is what do you like? Textured, simple, stripes, average size, gigantic wrap, skinny wrap, color work detailing. If you could wave your magic knitting wand and a wrap would appear, what would it be?

Oh, by the way if you find a store that sells magic knitting wands please let me know. I am so far behind.






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