La Petite French Bakery

If you have never had good pastries, then you don’t know what you are missing. I had never has such delights in all my life. I have traveled all over the US and never, I mean never ever have I wanted to eat a pastry so slow that it might take hours. To rush this would almost be a sin.

The owner takes his time in explaining everything you want or need to know about his gift to your mouth. The list of ingredients he uses will be the next thing he will explain to you and there are no shortcuts here. Then the aroma, if you are lucky enough to come in when he has just finished with a batch of goodies. We went home with a sample box of Plain Croissants, Macaron, Éclair and Chocolate Souffle, the best eatable pastries you have ever seen. Let me tell you it was not long until the box was empty and left us wanting more. The last thing I need to tell you about the small but amazing shop is he only does small runs of the delights of the day, so get there as soon as the doors open.

Now to show you the person behind the mixer. I must apologize, I never as his name, I was so excited I forgot my manners. Stop by and show this magnificent baker some support, you will thank me later.


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