Sweater Bingo

Me and a friend of mine, in Canada, have been playing Sweater Bingo. I know you may be asking what is sweater bingo? Well, it6 all started out when we wanted to knit a sweater together. We went to Pinterest to find a sweater we could agree upon. There were many very nice sweater patterns and I decided to make a board to keep all the ones we liked together. Sweater Bingo was the words that became the next KAL of 2018.

This may spawn many more boards like, sock bingo, shawl bingo, hat bingo, and all kinds of bingo KAL’s. I am going to try to get prizes together and make it a bigger KAL for 2018. If you want to join in the bingo fun go to https://www.ravelry.com/discuss/woolycricket/3697726/1-25 and add your name to the list.

There is a page that is for the woolycricket group that will allow you to add your sweaters to the list of sweaters to choosy from. Wow, I got off topic really bad, sorry about that.

Here are my almost finished 2017 Sweater Bingo entries.

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