Potato Soup/ Clam chowder

Hey Guys,

It’s getting cooler here and this is when I love to cook the most. So let’s get right to the easy, but body warming potato soup/clam chowder. First I will give you a shopping list, ham pieces( I get the cubed ones already chopped up.by Farmland), Bear Creek creamy potato soup mix, 1/2 gallon milk ( soup calls for water but add milk), and instant potato flakes just a small package if you don’t already have some. Day two you will need the clams, I use Chicken of the sea whole baby clams, two 10 oz. cans. I forgot the can of diced potato’s.

Now let’s get to the hard-work of cooking. Put everything in a pot except the clams a flaked potato’s. Cook on low heat if you have all day and medium heat if you need to get things done. When the dehydrated potato’s are tender you can add the flaked potato’s to thicken up your soup. You may not need or want your soup any thicker. That’s why we leave this step for last on day one.

Additions to this soup can be onions, mushrooms, any small amounts of left over vegies you have in the frig. I have pork, we smoked which was chopped up for sandwiches, so if the family wants this will be going into my soup today. That is it for day one. Enjoy and  body warming cup of soup on a cool day.

Day two after you have eaten the soup for several meals the first day you may be getting a little tired of it and it’s time to do 1. freeze the rest for later, or 2. add the clams juice and all, you may not need both cans. This makes a loose interpretation of clam chowder. My family love it almost as much the second day.

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