What is it you want to buy?

Hey Guys,

I am in need of direction. You know as with many people these day, extra money isn’t extra. I want to help my hard-working husband make money to be able to pay bills and live the life I thought we might be living at our age. I don’t want you to feel bad for me it’s a work ethic that was given to us by our parents and I don’t feel as if I am keeping up my end of the deal. So, I ask again what is it you want to buy? What is selling right now because I seem to be out of the loop, or the loop is around my neck and I’m always behind the times.

My kids are not around much and they have busy lives of their own, so I hate asking them. What is a good thing for me to make? I’m not asking for you to give me your ideas that makes you money. I want mo own thing.

Here is what I make.
1. Knitted sweater for people and pets
2. Quilts for people and pets
3. Bags for knitters or not
4 Color pencil post cards
5. Color work Mittens
6 Fair Isle Hats

Some of my projects.

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2 thoughts on “What is it you want to buy?

  1. Merrilyn (Merri) McElderry says:

    I feel ALL your things are popular….do you want a space in a store here in Northfeild? You could put one of each of those in the GOAT ..I am not sure how much she charges per month for a small space I will find out for you. The hats are gorgous..mitts too…I will try to send her a message to find out how much space is…it is a vusy shop this is a two college town and TONS OF TOURISTS…..if you are willing to place some things on consignment maybe it would work for you. Not sure ..I think hats sell the mits I would like one of each —LOVE the small mug rungs I am sending my money and I will take it to show her maybe she will buy say twenty of them…what would your price me for twenty right off to her or ten ….you do such beautiful work… I will get some information for you..about how much a small space in her shop is and you can decide if it would be worth it..if you keep prices reasonaible yet profitable..I mean stuff her her store is spendy and people buy it..she has no fair isle hats, they want mitts…those mug rug pouches are adorable….the pet things are too have you gone to Vetranarian places out there they often sell things in their huge vet places they do here..toys and such…you could put a few quilts and the other pet things you have in there on consignment……keep open to ideas you have BEAUTIFUL PRODUCTS..I think everything you make is selling…

    • Cricket says:

      You might think they are okay, but they are still in the knitting room, ready to be shipped out. I must be doing something wrong or making the wrong things.
      I need something that people want, not what I think they might want.

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