To be a heel or not be a heel?

Hey Guys,

I am back to knitting every other day and can’t wait for it to be everyday. Now, that I am knitting, I am on a pedi sock knitting kick. I had a shop owner ask if I could make pedi socks for her business. Yes, yes I can. Now the most important question at hand is heel, or no heel? I have never had a pedicure, so I will have to rely on those that have had one.
It is that time of the year for getting your toes painted and wearing those cute summer shoes. Running around barefoot has always been my thing. Don’t forget your feet in winter, they need pampered then too.

Podiatrist reviews on pedicures:
“Clean tools should be used each time.  These may be in liquid sterilization or in a sterilized pack.  The sterilized pack must have an arrow color change that means it was actually sterilized – not just thrown in the bag and sealed.
The whirlpool foot baths must be disinfected between clients with medical grade cleansers. Files and buffing pads are one-time use only. For the safest results, bring your own polish. To keep moisture on rough dry feet longer use a pedicure sock, make sure to not leave moisture between toes, this could result in bacteria growth. When your pedicure is completed and you put your shoe of choice on, moisture will easily dissipate or remain on your shoe. Use a pedi sock to keep moisture on rough area longer.
If you suspect you have a toenail fungus, you should seek consultation immediately.  Fungus will never go away on its own, and the longer it has been in the nail, the more difficult it will be to treat. DM foot and Ankle Associates at 14236 McCarthy Rd. Lemont, IL 60439-9393″
Thanks Doctor, I couldn’t have said it better.

Talk to you guys later. I’m off to soak my feet and do some knitting.

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