Little balls of all colors.

Hey Guys,

I am back to knitting and I thought it might be a good idea to make some of those shorty socks. It seems I am starting over where I didn’t start the last time I started knitting, with socks. I was never much of a sock knitter because nobody wears them in my house. I finally got the husband to wear his more than just putting them on his feet and saying they are nice, nice to keep in a drawer for 20 years. He loved them and ask for more, so that’s on the knitting for Christmas list and of course a pair for the DIL, she loves hand knit socks.  Now that husband is wearing his socks, should I be mean and not knit him anymore, yep keep knitting.

I think I will make the pompom socks like we had when we were kids. Everyone was wearing them, they were the in thing.  Chris Evert Lloyd made the a very popular item for young girls. They came in white with different colored balls. Sometimes you could find a colored sock with white balls. Boy, we thought we where something in those days.

Oh, back to socks, I believe, I will make several dozen, for the family that wears socks now. I am also going to make pedi socks for the nail salon in the next few weeks.  Do you think a one size fits most approach will be the best for the pedi socks? I was thinking I could make the shorter sock, my size and even if your foot is longer than mine it will still cover most of your foot.  You do want your toes sticking out and it doesn’t say how much of your foot should be covered. Mini Pedi’s it is.

What are you knitting, now that the weather it hot? Lace seems to be a popular thing for the summer.




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