Cleaning up the work room!

Hey Guys,

I have a good friend that called today and told me she was cleaning up her craft room. You know I could not help but clean mine also. It wasn’t bad, mostly things down stairs that needed to be brought back up to their places. I made a whole wall hanging or baby quilt in 24 hours and I know  there are people out there doing that all the time. as you can see the s is a little wonky, I have to still put the pizza pies in the loops formed by the s. Because this company makes mozzarella cheese and  that was a big part of the founder getting started, I wanted to put it on the quilt/ wall hanging. This wall hanging may not go anywhere for now.

Sorry my bed is a mess, I have a puppy that has a big time jumping on it when I am trying to take pictures, so I consider myself lucky to have gotten a picture at all.

One last thing, I am knitting again. Slowly but knitting none the less. I used to knit about 10,000 stitches a day and not I am knitting around 100, again the puppy. For those that are going to ask yes, I keep a running estimate of how many stitches I am knitting. OCD, yes I am.











Puppy update:

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