Keep it simple stupid!

Hey Guys,

The title is for me, not you. I had forgotten a lesson learned earlier in life, keep it simple stupid. You see, I am guilty of trying to make you happy, while making myself happy too. Sometimes the two don’t go hand in hand, as many small companies find out to late. Let me be clear, I do not make a living, with my crafts, yet. Many of the people I admire are doing just that and I am so happy to watch and cheer them on. One day I hope to be able to add a little money to my savings account, by doing what I love to do.

You guys scare me to death. Why, because everyone has a better idea of how I should say things, or write things, or make things, you see you have me frozen in my tracks. My friends and neighbors say I’m tough but loving, I don’t mind saying what needs to be said. The problem with that is, you think I’m hard on people, you should see what I do to myself. Keep it simple stupid, came to me when I was very young. Trying to please everyone, mostly because I didn’t fit in. Well, I don’t want to fit in any more, but I don’t want you to scare me either.

Knitting and quilting is a way I can be creative but still be by myself. You can’t see me, you only know about me what I cup on my computer. I am quilting because my granny taught me to quilt at a young age and I miss her, this keeps me close to her. Knitting came later in life, it was easy to carry around two sticks and a ball of yarn. Let me tell you, knitting did not make me a popular kid in school. Nobody was knitting but old ladies at that time, or so I thought. I became pregnant with my son and couldn’t work in my chemical infested job. So, I sat up every night with a crochet hook in my hand and a ball of yarn, thinking I need to turn this into money. My dear husband was working two jobs and I made his third job. For the few people who know me personally, if you think I knit fast you should see my crochet, I was making an adult sweater a night. I would work all night and take the sweater to the video store( a place to rent movies, for those younger than me) down the road to sell. Still you scared me, would you like the sweater I jus made, was it a color you might like. Then came the rainbow-colored baby blankets and booties, I was a one woman, crochet machine. Do you remember these? I bet I could still make them.

I did all this explaining to tell you I am starting another website called Signature Quilts by Woolycricket. I will still be knitting and trying to design, please don’t feel as if I am abandoning you my two knitting friend that follow. Working on the new site has been a long few weeks and this morning I woke up with, keep it simple stupid, in my head. I am trying to answer to many question on this website, the pages upon pages kept coming. There are way to many pages and you would get frustrated just trying to find what you wanted in the first place. So, a restart is needed, with a few pages. I’m sure if you want me to answer questions you will ask, or if you need something special, you will ask.

You still scare me, but I will always try to do better, until you no longer scare me.




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