Updated baby quilt.

Hey guys,

Hope everyone is having a great day. I just wanted to drop by to show you the first pictures of the new baby quilt on the quilt wall.  I don’t normally make quilts like everyone else, baby colors and bunny rabbits. Please don’t feel as if I don’t like that type of quilt, they are beautiful. Times they are changing and more people are getting quilts that they can use for longer periods of time. We are talking long term quilting here. When little,(insert name here) grows up and no longer needs that quilt you can use it on the couch to cover your legs. Yes, you can also put it up for little,(insert name here) grows up and has little ones of their own.

You see where I am going here, quilts, if taken care of quilts will last a very long time. I want to check on my kids when I am nothing more that a cloud of vapor, to make sure they are using the quilts that I took time to make.

Let’s talk about this quilt. It’s red, black and white, flannel backed and you can make it a signature quilt. When it gets finished, I’m getting slow in my old age. I have always like the idea of signature quilts, you can see what people are thing at a spot in time, where you shared a joyous occasion. Enough running my mouth, here are the pictures.

Top almost finished, next flannel back, and lastly the binding. Let me know what you think about this one. Talk to you guys soon.

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