I will be blogging more to improve.

Hello everyone,

I have decided to start blogging more, to try to improve my grammar, my spelling, and overall communication skills. I know it is very hard to read a blog when the person writing it, shall we say, is challenged to make a clear statement. If you are reading this and find I am still making multiple mistakes, please feel free to tell me, and correct me if you are willing to teach an old knitter new tricks. In my Facebook pages I often get those, can you read this post and I can read them without and problems. Upon studying, trying to teach my brain the corrections it needs, I have found that being able to read gibberish, might be the reason I have such issues. My word of this is lazy, not taking enough initiative to do better.

Now, let me show you my, cheap quilt wall. This one will be for, my husband and myself.

Thank you, for all you guys do, to help me get through my day.


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2 thoughts on “I will be blogging more to improve.

  1. Merrilyn (Merri) McElderry says:

    I am home here for a few days…work here in Northfield , and then heading back up to Virginia MN…..for the graduation party and fun with my grandson. It is around 300 miles…… busses then car then this and that….whew. Carolyn loves her purse and I shall send off a 20 and extra singles if I have some on the first. You can send it to me ..send the one with the dog on it. I might want another one with dog…I will let you know. When I get home early June. I will call you dear one. glad all is going well for you. We stand strong in our resiliance, and not all is easy but so worth it. I am sending you pics of me andmy grandkids..and my son and wife..Much love, merri

    • Cricket says:

      I am so happy to hear from you. Sounds like you are going to be very busy. Have a great time and stay safe. Love pictures.

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