Quilts with a side of elves that make shoes and dirty dishes

Hi guys,
I have an oversized elf, that dirtiest dishes every day. Where are his cousins make shoes? Are there elves that clean carpet?
I was raised to always wash the dirty dishes and take out the trash before going to bed. You must know that I am getting up in the middle of the night just to see if I have more dishes.
Can we also talk about the crumbs, how can you eat pudding and make crumbs. I had a friend that told me her husband would always go into the kitchen after she had cleaned up and find a way to get crumbs everywhere. I would laugh because at that time my husband didn’t do that. We are now going through the crumb stage of manhood. What will be next peeing in the closet?

Enough belly aching. What have you guys been working on? I have been quilting and playing with the puppy. Here are the quilts I am working on and I will show pictures of the quilts I want to make. More new puppy pictures will be in my post, if you don’t mind looking at my fur kid.

Quilts I am working on:








Quilts I want to make: As you can see I love scrappy quilts.








Puppy update: He looks so skinny in that last picture. For all the people following us (both of you), he is eating very well and playing all day long.

I miss getting to talk to you guys and hope everyone is safe and healthy. Later!


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