Fairy Godmother Wand for Knitting

Hey Guys,

How is everyone? Hope you are all doing fine. I am frogging everything in site and have no idea what is going on in my head. Do you ever do that?

Well let me tell you, we are getting a new puppy and of course I’m still not sure how I feel about this. My dear husband seems to think it will make me happy again. I’m thinking I will love it but, I really didn’t want to go through the puppy stages and I didn’t want to break bad habits from an older pet. It sounds as if I didn’t want one at all. Maybe that’s true but anyone that knows me knows I will love and spoil it. I tried to tell my hard-working husband that seems to always be working, even from home, that he will get the play time and I will get the clean up, walk the dog, feed the dog, give the dog a bath, take the dog to the vet, mommy job. He will get kisses and I get poop duty. Okay, it’s done and he will be with us Monday.

On to knitting. This may explain why I am taking everything apart(puppy). I have a few hours on the drive to get him and I need a knitting project to take. This seems strange to me because I never go anywhere, I’m always home. Let’s do the list, I have more socks than I have ever worn, sweaters are to big to knit on, I have 3 shawls that have never been worn, everyone in the house has 5+ hats. Where do I go from here?

Do you want to see the beginning of the sock I just took apart? The heel flap is knit in double-knit, which makes it reversible and double thick. I took it apart today. I thought it might be fun to make these for Valentines Day socks, right you can’t even see the heart and I messed up some of the stitches. Frogged and gone back into the sock yarn pile. Did I tell you I made socks for a lady that works with my husband, a special order. Yep, I’ll never do that again because she didn’t purchase them after they were finished. I also made a Cowboys hat for another of his co workers and she told him she would bring the money payday, he believed her and it’s been a while since they got paid, like 2 months. NO more orders without half the money up front.

Why are people like this these days? I remember a time when you told someone something you did your best to make it happen. Lord knows, I have let a few thing go without addressing  them or just plain forgot all together. It seems to be everyday, someone is spouting out some kind of BULL about what they can do or what they have done. RIGHT!

Wow, I must have been angrier that I thought. Thank you for letting me vent, I feel much better now. Maybe we can talk about knitting now, without me going off on a tangent.

I took my husbands sweater apart today also. It was not working out on the needles like I saw it in my head. I must learn to like knitting with DK or worsted weight yarn. He wants a Henley zippered collar sweater and I want to knit it in fingering weight yarn. Illimani Eco-Llama to be exact. You can see the two colors I have on the dress form. It looks like a Japanese armor collar used for extra protection is provided by a  neck curtain of jointed metal, and shoulder guards made from small plates laced together with silk braid allowing for movement. History lesson over. My husband would be so proud about the history part.

I will start over and make it better this time, I’m sure of it. Do you knit large projects for your family? Do they wear them? My family ask for these big sweaters and I get so excited that they want something, that I start on it immediately. When I get it all finished it ends up in the drawer for sweaters never to be seen again. That is my husbands sweater anyway, I guess you can’t wear them at work. The kids wear theirs quite a bit and I am happy to make them for them.

Let me tell you about the conversations I have with my son over sweater designs. It goes like this, I want this neck off this sweater and these sleeves off this one, but make it longer with buttons here and here and while you are at it could you add a hood. I need one of those fairy godmothers’ special wands, you know like in Cinderella. Poof here is your magic sweater.

I love getting to talk to you guys and it always makes my day better. Thank you for coming around and please do say hello.





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