Not a good time to be a monogamous knitter.

Hey Guys,
Just sitting here looking at my computer, trying to figure out what to knit next. Don’t yell at me, I know I said I was knitting a blanket. Let me show you what just happened! Do you see its ugly red face staring at us? I broke it and I knew it was going to. I had that little voice in my head that said this blanket is way to heavy for these  needles and they are going to break. Jinxed myself!!!!

Now I’m just sitting here thinking, the house will be quite and empty tonight and I have no *?#! blanket needles. I guess I could get back to Christmas knitting, I wouldn’t want to be the last one finished with my Christmas knitting again this year, or better yet not knit for Christmas at all. Are you on my Christmas list? Do you have a request? Now don’t get all excited, I may not knit what you want, I just like to hear your ideas. haha because you know I hate to follow orders when it comes to my knitting.

I have one maybe two sock wearers in the family and one that can never have enough hats. Let me tell you what I have done about the hat wearers in my house. I have put a basket on my end table and it has knitted goodies in it, well only one for right now, this is the take it as you need it knitting goodies. Yep, that’s right I put house socks, hats, fingerless mitts and almost all simple knits in it. The kids come in the from door yelling, MOM I need a hat it’s cold and mine is at home, I can just point to the basket. I am going to train them like training a puppy to fetch. Go get the hat, go get it. This way if I am lucky they will have nice goodies from the basket all year-long, instead of my trying to knit them a hat while they visit, so they will have one to wear home. I love my crazy family and I don’t want them to have to wait ant longer than they have to for this old lady to finish knitting.

Wow that went from crying to a happy place in a matter of a few sentences. You guys are so good for me and I love that you help me work through things even if you don’t know you are. Thank you!

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