Is it a wrap or a blanket?

Hey guys,

Hope everyone is having a great new year start. I have a finished project to show you and it in part came from the Red Bucket. First let me tell you what I was thinking when I started this giant project. After reading and looking at the fashion industry, I saw that huge wraps were in this winter and I have always wanted one.
What size is a good size, was the first thing to work out. I wanted it to big enough for a tall person to be able to wear it and wide enough to cover my shoulders and my head if I needed it. So with that in mind I started knitting with a size 3 needles and casted on. Now, what colors am I working with? Let’s see what’s in the yarn closet and in the Red Bucket. I sat in the floor and pulled out 4 skeins that I thought would work well together and then dumped out the Red Bucket, picking all the little bits and pieces that worked with the colors I chose already it was easy to do. Now to figure out how many rows of which colors and would it be a mirror image wrap. You know I must have very thing in the same order so mirror image had to happen. I will tell you a secret( I might use up all the tiny end pieces to make a wrap/blanket that doesn’t match).
Now for the show and tell the wrap is 2’6″ wide after blocking and 7’6″ long.

The whole process took 10 days and I’m thinking I could get one finished a little faster if I knitted more that 20 rows on a few days. I have used a total of 750 grams of worsted weight yarn and that is 2363 yards. Rows worked are 536.

I hope you like it and I can’t wait to get started on the next one. I’ll talk to you guys later, I’m off the get into the yarn closet and pick some more colors. What do you think about team colors? It might be just the thing to take to a game.


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