Button band without skipping stitches

Hey guys,
I just was working on my bunny tails sweater and it was time to make the button band. I hate button bands! Do you like button bands?
Well, I have a new trick. You know how you have to pick up stitches along the edge, but you have to skip stitches to make your band lay flat and not be bigger than your body of the sweater, or anything for that matter. All that mess is over for me.
I was so excited that I even knit a sample swatch and I don’t swatch.
Okay, I hear you yelling get on with it.
My sample is 5 rows ribbing and 20 rows of stst, worked on size 2(2.75mm) needles using worsted weight yarn. The band in red is worked with size 00(1.75mm) needles in worsted weight. The green band is worked with size 0(2.0mm) needles in worsted weight yarn. Now that you have all the information about what I did, I’ll tell you why I did it this way.
First reason is I hate picking up band stitches and having to keep up with whether or not I just skipped a stitch or is it time to skip a stitch. Next thing, you don’t have to skip stitches, you can pick them all up if you go down needle sizes, say 2 to 3 sizes smaller. That makes your material or rows slimmer so you will need to use every stitch. Lastly using a smaller needle with larger yarn gives you a stiffer band and that might make it hold up to use better.

Now to workout the button holes and I’ll finish my Bunny Tails sweater. I hope this might help you get through the button band fight. Please do a swatch to make sure how many needle sizes you need to go down for your knitting style. Everyone knits differently.

Here is the sweater without a button band.

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