Seahawks and Bunnies.

Hey Guys,

I’m still awake and it’s because I wanted to get this little cardigan finished. I am running out of energy and it might have to wait until tomorrow. It’s so tiny and cute.  I’m thinking it will be NB size, but I guess we will see when it’s all finished. The inspiration for this cardigan is knit in pieces but you know that’s not going to happen. I am making it a bottom up cardigan without steaks.  You got it I am learning to knit fair isle on the purl side( flat as it were). It hasn’t been to bad and I might make a video later when I get better.

I am cold and think it’s time to try to sleep. Here is a sneak peek for now.

Part two of the Bunny cardigan with an updated picture.

I had a nice lady contact me on Etsy , to get a sweater for her baby girl pet. I was glad to do a custom sweater for her and hope it keep her precious baby warm. We can never have to many friends but the most loyal and loving might must be your pet. Here is a picture of Zoe’s sweater and I hope to get one with her in it some day soon. Teresa contacted me and said she would be wanting a Valentines sweater for Zoe. Oh, my goodness is it that close to hearts.

Wednesday day product review. Today I am tell you about my little finger counter. I love my counters and this one is fast becoming my favorite. The Yarn Hoarder talked about her socks and how at one time she measured the socks for toe placement, until there was a pair of socks that didn’t quite measure the same. You know you can lay them out side by side and if one is pulled a little tighter, that’s all you need to be off if your heel placement. She as well as many other sock knitter have went to using row counters or pen and paper, to keep up with the row count.
I did the pen and paper for a long time. Because you always have scraps of paper lying around, right. The problem I find with this is later if you need to repeat the process on more socks, say 5 months later, where is that scrap of paper? If you are like me it’s long gone. Believed to be just scribbles and no longer needed. Let’s hope it was at least after you finished the second sock. That would be really bad and we are back to guessing and two different lengths of socks.

I never kept the scraps of paper and it always seemed that I had something with numbers on it and I was sure it was a knitting project, but no name of pattern or needle size, or even yarn brand to guide me in the right direction. In the trash it would go. After a few weeks I would find a half knitted project and think where did I put my notes. The search would start all over.

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