Knitting blur, really like a crazy person

Ok, I don’t want this to sound like I’m saying look at me. I was knitting at the kids house, because they cooked a great meal for Thanksgiving, and I needed to get fingerless mitts for the son finished. He works out in the cold. I wanted to give them to him before we went home. Nobody needed my help cooking so I was knitting like a crazy person. My DIL took a picture of me and I wasn’t paying attention to anyone, just my knitting. I do that a lot.
I have had people tell me that I knit a little fast, but I always thought they were being kind. You know the way you say, I love that dress, because you know the person wearing it looks good and loves it, but you would never buy that in a million years. People seem to have two choices be kind or a horses ass.

Later when we got home I saw a post  on FB about the meal we had all shared and the fun things we had all discovered about one another. There is was a picture of my crazy knitting and the back of my head ( why didn’t anybody tell me my hair looked like that from behind?). My DIL pointed out that the whole picture was clear except my hands and they were a bit of a blur. I accused her of doctoring the picture, because they are always giving me a good teasing for knitting all the time. She told me, it was all my doing. So I’m going to show you guys the picture and you can judge for yourself.

I think there is something wrong with her phone. I think there is really something wrong with my hair, and my eyes. Are my glasses rose-colored? I have to start doing more than knit, maybe next year.
The mitts were finished and another pair has been completed for my dear husband. They say we are to get snow, I’m thinking 2017 maybe.

I wanted to leave you with my thankful list, in no special order.
1. My family.
2. Our health.
3. Good friends, which you can always have more of.
4. A roof over our heads and food in out tummies.
5. A will to care for our fellow-man.
6. Yarn, which you can always have more of.
7. The powers that be.

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