Toupee Tape and socks?


Hey guys, I have just finished knitting one sock, I know that is not like me at all. Let me tell you about this sock! It’s a size 10 ladies and has a 30 inch length from heel to cuff. It used 95 grams and took 4 days. That was not the hard part, you might ask what the hard part is. Keeping the darn things up! Yes I’m speaking loudly. That is too much work not to be worn. So I took to the internet and sought out how to keep them up. Do you know how the fashion designers keep theirs up? Well I didn’t either. It’s toupee tape or double-sided tape. You just put it on the inside of the front band and they say it will stay all day. I would keep extra around just in case.

geoduck-sizeMy luck I would be that person with one sock staying put and the other around my ankle like a gooey duck and if you have seen a gooey duck it’s not pretty. Here have a look.
Now I am thinking I need to order packages of these tape strips to send with the socks people are ordering and inform them as to where they can purchase their own.  We shall have no gooey duck socks if I can help it.
Lets go to better looking pictures because that just makes my stomach do flip-flops thinking that people eat them. YUM!!

Here is the sock that brought on all this talk. I am making them in hopes that Kita will want them. She wanted thigh high socks and couldn’t pick out a color. Some times you need something to see to make up your mind. Anyway, I think I know someone who might like these if KIta hated the color. One thing to remember is when you put these socks on they will not go 30 inches up your leg. When they spread out to cover the width, it takes away from the length.

purple-thigh-high-socks purple-thigh-high-socks-jpg-1I don’t have sock blockers for socks this long nor have I seen any. Have you seen many knitters putting themselves through knitting a single pair of socks that would take as much yarn and times as 2 maybe 3 pairs of regular socks.

Maybe I can have a wood worker I know make me a set of sock blockers for the extra tall socks. I mean you can use them with any socks you knit, right?

Let me tell you how I did my increases and if you ever need to make taller socks or wider socks it makes a nice transition. I work a k2,p2 ribbing. When it comes time to increase I add a m1 stitch between the k2. This makes my k2 a k3 and I continue changing all my k2’s to k3’s one at a time. Working from BOR outward. If I run out of k2’s I start over and m1 between the p2 and change them to p3’s working outward.


I did this to these socks until I had a k3xp3 rib. Then I worked 100 rounds striped and 49 rounds in band color. Whew my hands are tired. This works with calf socks also, but you always have to start with a k2. It can be a k2xp1 if you don’t need to increase between the purl stitches. I took my sock from 60 stitch rows to 90 stitch rows. I will show you a closer look. This is the same sock in the same area. In the lighter area where my thumb and index fingers are is where the sock starts increasing from 2 to 3 stitches. It’s hard to see in a striped or patterning yarn. It can be seen easier in a solid color yarn and I’ll show those later, if and when I make some.




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