Dance in your hand knit socks day!

Hey Guys,

How is everyone today? I know this is a repeat of post that were removed, there is something wrong with my RSS feed and I don’t know enough to fix it. I’m a knitter not a computer hacker/fixer. So we try again!

Let me tell you about a young lady that has wonderful parents. You know the kind that listen to their children but don’t let them get away with being brats. My husband was contacted by a man at work and I got this phone call, honey can you make socks, why yes I can as a matter of fact, why? Mr. X wants a pair of hand knits socks for his daughter. Great what colors and what style?  We sent pictures back and forth and settled on a color. Now for the size, she had to be measured and the task was handed off to her mother Mrs. X. Now the daughter is no stranger to being fitted for dance apparel but this was not the normal fitting. The teen got a little testy with the mom and was told just get in here and let me measure you. After all the sneaking and planning and 6 days later my husband got this on his phone.

thigh-high-socks1 thigh-high-socksThe job was done and she likes them. There is nothing better to a knitter/designer than to get to see your hard work being worn. We made these to be knee socks with a little extra, long ribbed cuffs so she could wear them up as thigh highs or down a knee socks. Happy dancing to all that wear hand knit socks. We here at Woolycricket are declaring 11/7/16 dance in your hand knit socks day for years to come.

If I get pictures of you dancing I’ll put then up here for all to see. Dance and forget election woes just for a little bit. Instagram #danceinyourhandknitsocksday

Happy knitting!


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