No sock blanket for me. Red Bucket Knitting!

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone is safe today. Thoughts and prayers going out to those that might be facing the storms. Now lets talk about knitting.

I have another Kep, yep a kep. These are coming from the red bucket projects. You haven’t heard about my red bucket. Well, to tell the truth it’s not a red bucket at all. It’s a giant pot that I purchased to cook large family meals in and I was so happy to get the red one because my kitchen is black, white and red. Now to why I am using this pot/bucket for yarn instead of food, I left the kids to watch my chili while I ran to the store for milk and they let it burn so bad the pot could never be used again for food. I have tried everything to save it but it’s gone to the knitting room, for end pieces. You all have them, they are those little pieces of yarn that you can’t part with even though they are not big enough to do much with. Well mine go into the red bucket and every now and then I knit something from the red bucket.

Where do you keep your tiny treasures and what do you like to knit with yours? I know everyone is working on blankets and don’t get me wrong they are beautiful. I just can’t see myself dragging around a blanket forever to knit on. I would rather go to the store or Amazon and purchase a blanket to knit under. I might could do a baby blanket but no one in our family is going to have babies.

Here is todays Red Bucket knitting.  This hat was knit for Sockmatician/ Nathat Tayor ‘s Strandalong. 

I am adding a link to his YouTube podcast here please check it out. He is amazing and has many teaching podcast


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