What an idiot?

Hey Guys,

I am the idiot for this month! I started another design and am/was so excited to get through it. You know when you have an idea and you can’t put it down because you have to see if it works like it did in you head. This one is working out, right up to the point where I figured out I didn’t have enough yarn. IDIOT, why didn’t I check? I rushed to order more yarn and I am in luck. UGH…..

I wanted to show you some of the features in this Cardigan. First you have the inset pocket with a rolled outer top. Second is the button band, as you can see there are two button holes. The band will be folded over on the image

imageslipped stitch and the button holes will ling up. This will give you a stronger band and is repeated on the other side. A little more about the button band, it will grow with increases on either side of the slip stitch to make a shawl collar. Lastly there will be an elbow patch that is knitted right into the pattern. I al playing around with a plain 1×1 ribbed or maybe a moss stitch pattern. We will see.

This is where you come in and give me your thoughts on the elbow patch. The pattern will be picture heavy but I will also try to add a PDF that only has the parts you must have. I am working on sizes from 3 months to 4XL.

I always work out my designs in a financial friendly yarn to start. It almost always is acrylic and I can and often give it away. I find the acrylic stands up to the constant changing of the pattern and doesn’t show the stress on the yarn. I know you can’t block acrylic like you can wool, but you can pin it out to see if your idea is going to work. The second one is made from a wool.

The size I am knitting is a 30/32 chest and I will be crunching numbers to get the other sizes. I am also kicking around the idea of knitting up different sizes with some color work, a lot of color work, some cabling, and a lot of cabling. If I counted right that will make 5 in all, now that will be 6 because the first on is just a test run. Hope you come back to follow me through the process and keep checking in for the videos they show some of the features I use.

How I design my sleeves


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