Fair Isle Fisherman’s Kep and Happy accidents.


Hey guys, How is everyone today? Are you getting ready for the fall weather? I know I am ready to wear some of the knittable goodies I have made this year. Hope you are making something to keep you and your loved ones nice and toasty.

Now to the KAL. I was wanting to knit An Apple A Day Kep but the colors were not playing together nicely. What I did was to take out the red and gold and add a lavender and deep purple. Now we have the garden picture I showed you in the beginning. It seems as if I wanted to knit this one first and didn’t really know it.  Sometimes you have what I call happy accidents, that’s where you have to change something you had planned and it make it better that the plan you had to start with.

kep colors (2)


You know with Fair Isle knitting colors can be some of the hardest decisions you will make. Stitch charts are not quite as bad for me because there are tons of them around. I struggle with the color choices I make in the beginning and some times they just need to be changed. Now with all that right color talk, you know it’s your colors and your choices and everybody has an idea of what they like. I know I sure do.

Have you ever seen a pattern that you thought was so-so? Then one day a friend on Ravelry post a picture of this beautiful knitting you must have, so you search out the pattern and it’s the colors you are attracted to. The pattern takes on a whole new life in you “right colors”. I can tell you how many times this has happened to me, my queue in about a thousand with beautiful to me patterns.

This is what I call my knitting procrastination problem (KPP), I want everything to look like it does in the knitting magazines and that can be a problem. Sometimes I let a design lay around for months/years until I find just the right colors/stitch pattern. You can see how this might be a problem. I want to make that one design you read about that everyone loves. Now we are in my knit dreaming, while I am awake stage of the conversation. These patterns are not unicorns, they are real, I have seen some myself. Don’t get stuck in your knitting ideas of what’s perfect but don’t settle for something you won’t wear or like. I have a friend that will grab any color and knit a pattern saying all along she is not sure she will like this garment or not. Then when she gets to the end of knitting this garment she has grown to hate, a recipient for the many hours of work must be found and not just any person, one that will love the garment she has knitted. UGH, way to much work for me, I would never get to keep anything. Now you see either way you go you end up with less knitting you like and will keep for yourself.

Knit what please you or the person you are knitting for.

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