Walking into winter.

Hello everyone,

Are you getting out and walking more these days? I know I am. It’s a fun way to spent time with your family, without spending a lot of money. Let’s face it who is really doing better off these days? No talking politics here today, it just makes me mad and today is a happy day.

The hats I am showing you today started out as a knit for my kiddos. You know when your kids have friends and you are knitting something great, well lets just say everyone needs one. The way this is going I almost expect to look up one day while hunting strange animals and see a whole park full of hats. That would be so funny. IMG_2148


It’s starting to rain outside, just a light mist and you can tell it won’t be long until you get to pull out those winter sweaters. I know, I can’t wait either. Do you have a special winter to come knitting project? I have made two sweaters this year and I do mean completed them. They are for me and that feels good and a little strange. So now that I have a sweater all my own I am more excited than ever. I have many knitting acquaintances, that is what you call people you know a little but can’t really remember their names and you know the remember your face when they see you but draw a blank on your name. I would love it if they become friends one day and will work on that. Sorry got off on a tangent. Many knitter are working on sweaters of their very own this year, so it must be the year of knitting for yourself.


Would you like to show what you are knitting on? Are you walking more that ever with your family? Happy fall to come everyone. Stay safe!



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