I put the yarn in the red pot and dyed it all up.


Hey guys,

The second yarn is finished drying and I am knitting up the first striped yarn. Here is what I did to make the second yarn, I added drops of color to get a teal, peach and a brown, when the yarn had reached a slight simmer I added the colors from the lightest to the darker. This is where I turned off the heat and let it set and cool for several hours. I couldn’t be happier with this color because it gave ma all my favorites in one skein. Here are the pictures of the new color and I might need help naming it. You guys know I am the worst for picking names. I did however keep a formula for the mixing of the colors, just in case I might need it in the future.


Now for the sock knitting that is the skein I dyed with 20 stripes. You might have guessed that I have small feet by the number of stripes I have used up so far. I am not yet through the first 20 stripe repeats. You can see I am not finished but only started late last night. So excited to see how it cam out. It’s like opening a birthday gift but not on your birthday. Enough jabber. The stripes are 4 rows approximately, on size 1-2.25mm needles and using a 60 stitch count. This is my go to sock formula. I have also been using the Fish Lips Kiss Heel (FLK) because it is easy for me to remember and it fits my foot.  I’ll add the link for those that might not have heard of this heel.  I haven’t seen it anywhere except Ravelry. Ravelry is a free site to join.

The colors have a gradient coloration to them, which I have fallen in love with. Okay enough! I have to get back to knitting and so do you. Go make something beautiful.


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