Team hats.


Hi Guys,

I just have to ask, are you on the Hunting craze? Yep, our house has been walking more right along with you. You know I am a mom that knits all the time, so of course I had to design the kiddos Hunting hats to hunt in. I have been knitting nonstop for a week. We are talking 1,100 yards of yarn since 7/17. That comes up to over 200 yards a hat. I love my kiddos, even the ones that I didn’t give birth to.

Have you ever tried to walk, knit, catch a Rapidash and take over a Gym, all at the same time. Well I have, don’t do it. It is worse than the time I thought I could walk on the treadmill and knit. We all know that I ended up on my hiney in the floor in front of the refrigerator, where I got up and cut myself a piece of cheesecake. I saw it as a sign. I know you are asking and yes I did look up Rapidash and how to spell it.

Enough of the talking because I have hats to make. Here are the pictures of the hats that are finished and my beautiful daughter-in-law. Nobody wants a blue one yet. Go Teams, get out there and walk.

Stephany in red. 4 jpg


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