Socks and the Beanstalk.


How is everyone today? We are doing better, I had a very sick doggie and I thought it might be his last days. He it getting better and that makes me very happy.
Don’t you just love fall, that time of the year, when you can pull out all the hand knits and snuggle. I have been knitting socks as of late and the reason it because, I have a friend that is learning sock knitting and she has a life beyond knitting. She ask me to teach her to make socks and I was thrilled to share the little bit of knowledge I have on sock knitting. Here is where we ran into problems, she works and I don’t. So, when it comes time to teach her the next step, I have already finished the socks I was working on and need to hurry up and start a new one to be able to show her the process. Denise is a sighted learner and it helps if I have one to show her as we work together. Can you guess what is happening to my sock box? Growing like the beanstalk, jack. I made a 9-12 month yoke collar sweater that reminds me of fall and it helped us up some of those scraps of fingering weight yarn that seems to grow in the Red Bucket.



What type of knitter are you? Have you figured out why you do some of the things you do when you knit? I have figured out two things about me and my knitting. 1- I am a product knitter the faster the better , get on and off the needles so you can use it. 2-I also knit from my heart, I want to make that pattern or knitted item that you guys love and want. It makes me smile when I get a note form someone that has purchased a pattern of garment and loves it.
I have 4 knitting friends that are close and we still talk almost all the time. One is a devil may care knitter, she can make a mistake and keep right on knitting as if it was written that way. A fun person to knit with but not much help when it comes to test knitting. The second is a very quick learner and will take her time because she loves the process of knitting. A great person to test knit, bur she also has many hats to wear in her life. Third, is a knitter that is just now spreading her wings and is very conscious about the correct way to do things. Although she has been knitting for a while there are not a lot of finished garments and we are working on that. I call her the frogger. The last on is a new knitter, that is converting from crochet. She is quick to pick up the process but does get a little frustrated and that is pretty normal when you just start out. I call her sunshine and rain clouds. Sunshine when things are going well and storms when they aren’t.


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