Knitting from the red bucket.

Hey there,
How is everyone? Today I wanted to start a monthly post, I’m calling it knitting from the red bucket. The bucket is where I put all my short ends or pieces that are not big enough to make something all by themselves. I tend to knit with fingering weight more than anything else. This to me is where you can get more detailed stitches. Let me give you an example. Say, you a are painting a flower and you have 3 colors, white, yellow and green. You could paint a yellow center with white petals and green leaves.  Now lets add more colors in that same painting. Lets add orange streaks running from the center through the white petals, lets also add the yellow to the green leaves. Your painting has not changed it just had more detail.
I think the same way about knitting. Let’s pretend we are knitting a wrap with worsted weight and it’s beautiful with only two colors. Now let’s knit the same wrap with four colors and fingering weight. We will have at double the stitch count in some patterns but the details will give you a brighter picture. That to me is the difference between knitting a sweatesteamer_bag_015_medium2r that people love and admire, or knitting a sweater that people drool over. I do however understand that some people don’t want to put the hours into knitting a whole sweater with tiny yarn. I do love it so!
Onetime I knit a bag to be felted with kauni yarn on size one needles. It took me a year and of course everyone at that time was telling me you cant knit with small yarn and small needles to felt. Oh, well I forgot to read that part in my knitters what not to do handbook. Here is that bag. This bag took me a year to knit. I love my steamer bag. Okay enough about the craziness from my head.

Let’s get back to the real star of the post, the red bucket. We can pick one project a month to work on and yes you can have a say, by voting or simply putting you ideas in a comment.  I also have friends that want to send end pieces to put in the red bucket. This way the feel as if they are getting another say in how this project goes.  I am going to record the knitting and put it on youtube, this way you can follow along. Let me know your thoughts about the red bucket knitting. Have a great week.

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