Such a beautiful day to pick out yarn.

Hello all,

I am getting in a little knitting, in between washing clothes. Chores, they should be something you like, then they wouldn’t be called chores. It seems my husband has caught the bug that has been going around and I’m guessing he got it from work. We have not felt good for the past few days and now he is getting worse, yuck. I don’t want it, I really don’t want it. Enough about us as peoples.

To the knitting because that is why you are here, right? I am almost finished with the frankensocks for my DIL. The remainder if the short ends will fit in one hand so I guess I’ll have to knit more regular socks to increase my stash of mini-minis. Now here is where I ask you to do something for me, in the way of yarn ideas. I want to make thigh high socks but I would love to make the out of two variegated skeins and one solid for the toes, heels and cuff. So show me your color combinations.
Teal should be one color because that is a favorite of the gift recipient. I’m thinking one light, medium, and a dark, that way I will have all the bases covered.

DIL FrankensocksSteph's socks

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