DIL Frankensock one finished.

Hey guys,

It’s me again and I’m knitting a pair of frankensocks for my DIL. She is very tall, compared to me that is. I  Hope she like these. They are made from odd pieces of yarn ends, where I already made a full pair of socks. Taking on a life of their own makes them easy to knit and a lot faster than you would think. If you want to try a pair of your own here it the formula I use. 2 new, 1 old, 1 new, 2 old, 3 new, 1 old (color) that makes 10 rows and then you start over with a new color and make the new color your old color. I hope that isn’t to confusing. Please do stop by and show me your frankensocks, I would love to see them. Maybe a frankensock yarn swap, will be in the future.



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