I’m here, can’t you see me?

Hey Guys,

How is everyone? Good I hope. Today I am writing about being part of the human race. I love people and people watching is not always a good thing anymore, but you can catch a glimpse every now and again. The problem is not other people it’s inside yourself, especially if you don’t like yourself very much. I want to be seen through my passion which is knitting. I don’t want to be seen in person at all. Can you see what I knit, and figure out who I am? Take a guess, about my age, about my hair style, about my eye color, about my soul. Can you see me now?

Do you want to be friends with someone who sits in a knitting room all day trying to figure out what you want to knit? I clean my home and take care of the jobs that most mom do, then it’s off to my knitting room when dad is at work or sleeping. I feel as if I squirrel away my yarn like the little animal outside my window does nuts. Getting ready for the day when there are no phone calls from friends, no visits from the kids, just me and my yarn.
Carrying on a conversation only a diehard knitter would understand. Count the stitches in you head, so you don’t start talking to yourself. You know they say, that people that talk to themselves are smart. Shouldn’t I be smart enough to find friends that call, not only when they need help. Oh, you need what? You can see me now! Do I want to be seen for this? No!

Can you see my work? Can you see my passion? Can you see my soul? Can you see me talking to my knitting, in my knitting room, when there is no one around. Do you see my work and say I can see her heart?
Do like what you see or do you see a crazy knitter with way to many balls of yarn squirreled away. Dreading the day when there are no friends and no kids, just yarn.

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