I want to make a new friend each day!

Hey Guys,

I have been looking through my knitting and my food and my life in general. I am weird I don’t like what most others like and when I have a design that I think is going to be great, only a hand full of people like it also. So, this leads me to believe I have not yet hit one the right design or hardly anyone is seeing them. Now, I want to believe the later of the two because, everyone thinks what they like everyone else will like. Am I right?

So here is where you fall into the picture, no  not wearing a crazy upside down Christmas tree sweater. Tell me what you like in food , knitting , and pets. Just life in general. I want to make a new friend each and every day. Tell me something about yourself. As you can see from my post I love food, pets, and knitting , and did I say knitting.

Won’t you be my friend? We can sit under the trees, knit and have a drink. I love sweet tea. See we are sharing already. Come on over to the picnic.


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