Test Knitters needed for Weeping Willow.



Hey Guys,

I have the Weeping Willow all written up with my helper keeping me straight, thanks Kathy! All I need now is some people to test knit the pattern and give me an idea of how much yarn I need. You see I can guess and figure out from the swatch, but I would like to hear from the test knitters what they used.ย  I would like to see it in different types of yarn, using different sized needles, after all it is a wrap of sorts.

If you love lace and big wraps this is the pattern for you to test knit. I also give my test knitters that stick around any or all of my patterns that they want to knit. I figure you deserve it for putting up with me. I am obsessed with getting out patterns and making them the best I can. This is something you should know before you jump off the knitting bridge.

imagepea soup yarnweeping_willow__2__medium2

Enough about me. Come on over and grab you yarn. I’ will love to see what you do with it.


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