Sometimes a friend comes along.

I just had to tell you about Kathy. Kathy and I have a common bond, yes we knit. One day I got an message about test knitting some of my ideas and as they say the rest was history. Kathy has been just the kick in the pants I needed to keep me going. She also doesn’t seem to mind helping me correct the thing I struggle with. I wish I had known Kathy 30 years ago when I first had the idea I wanted to be a knitting designer. When my parents told me you are not ever going to make anything out of that. Oh, the things we could have created together. I will not give up when I have such a great support system. Where have you been, my friend?
The few short weeks I have been talking to Kathy my idea sketch book has grown by 10 and I can’t sleep without dreaming of something else to work on. I really hope I don’t scare her off. You know I can get overly excited and work 20 hours a day.
What I really wanted to say is thank you Kathy. For letting me know it’s okay to not be able to do everything by myself. For letting me know I might just make the best friend ever in a short period of time. For letting me know I am worth more through your eye and I can work on my self-worth. Mostly thank you for keeping me from being lonely.

Kathy’s work in progress. I can’t wait to see her wear this.
Kathy's olivine.

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