It’s hard to talk to yourself.

Hey guys,

Do you have friends you talk to on a regular basis? Are they good friends? In this time I’m not sure if people know what good friends are anymore.  A friend is someone you talk to often, not just when they need something from you. You talk about your dreams and struggles, it’s not me, me, me, all the time. Taking turns to buy lunch is a regular thing and it sometimes leads to lengthy discussions over who paid last. Offers of punching a person in the nose if the hurt your friends feelings, may or may not really happen.

I have made a friend or two as of late. We mostly talk when they need something, or there is nothing better to do at the time. This brings me to the thoughts of I might be better off if I talked to the stuffed bear in the corner. Some days  I think I am just getting to old to put up with the fake friend stage I am going through. It could be me. I might need more attention than talking once a month, needy I might be. Why should you put yourself through the headache of trying to be friends with someone that  really doesn’t need a friend.

I miss the days when I had friends they we hung out, cooked together, watched movies until we fell asleep, and told each other our biggest dreams. So, I am telling you, my computer. My biggest dream is to have a friend that understand me and doesn’t want to change me into them.

Knitting is my friend. It becomes what ever I need, when I need it. You can call on it any time day or night and it will be there. I wish it could talk. I wish I could make my heart stop wanting a friend, it would be so much easier if I could just turn all this off and just knit.


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