Two ugly yarns.

Hey Guys,

We have been having beautiful weather here this week. I hope you are all doing good. Let’s jump right in to the knitting part of this blog. I wanted to show you the fish lips heel, that I have been knitting for the past few days. The pattern Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Sock Therapist and I love it. You know I have been wanting a go to sock pattern or receipt of sorts. This is it!

I took two of the most simple yarns I had in my scrap sock bag ( big Ziploc bag) and made them into one sock, yes I saved enough to do the other sock. I have a picture of the black color in socks by it’s self. There is also a picture of the second color pink. You would have never guessed that it made such a cute sock. The only problem I have is joining the colors after each round to keep from having a jog. Stupid me put this up in one of the groups I am on in FB, why don’t people read the questions before they start telling you what to do?

The question- how to keep from having a jog when you change colors every round? I have several answers of how to correct a jog in multiple rounds, duh…. I have already searched YouTube, thanks.  Some days I need to stay off the social media. IO know I have grammar issues and spelling issues, but I don’t have shoot my mouth off before I read the question issues. Rant over for now.

Can you see the line going down the s2 ugly socks joining side.ide? That is where I changes colors every round.

imageblack socks

I don’t  think the black socks are bad and I don’t think the pink yarn is bad either. I do however think they are much better together.


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