These socks and all the f words.




Hey guys,

I am about to say all the f words about my sock knitting. Flick knitting, have you tried it? Yep, it may be the hardest thing in the world for me to get my tension right. I spent hours yesterday practicing and I can tell you by the end of the night I was ready to say another f word, finished. I don’t really want to frog these socks but I’m not sure they will be much good to anyone after the learning curve. I am franticly frustrated.

imageYou see that jar of coffee. That is a quart mason jar and I may need more to get to where I want to be today. All I want to do is function as a sock knitter with some sense of what I am doing. You may ask why I want to knit socks so badly. It’s because I want to belong to something that is taking the world by storm. Have you seen the  sock in a box KAL, everyone on every podcast is knitting socks. Mina from the Knitting Expats has 31 pairs of socks in January. This is all your fault Mina.  I watched your podcast and you knit quickly while talking to us the whole time. Now I can do this Continentally, but English knitting is something I only use when working Fair Isle.

Must knit faster.  See what started all this madness here at my house,

If I could socks knit like Mina, everyone would be getting socks for Christmas 2016. I would be giving them to strangers on the streets just because I could knit another pain in like 6 hours. Just saying I want to make socks in a flash. That is my last f  word for now.

Half my coffee gone and the purple socks are in time out. Maybe I should have started on dpn’s because there are no cables for me to fight with. With that being said I started a small sock and I will be knitting a pair, just to see which heel I want to stick with. It seems to me that every sock knitter has a go to soimageck they knit and I haven’t found mine yet. I decides to make kid socks and try out my options.

First option is am after thought heel top down. I will be practicing my flick knitting on these socks and I did want you to see the difference in my tension. The variegated sock is size one needles and me knitting continental. The blue sock is flick knitting and also size one needles. There is not a lot of difference but I can tell knitting it.

Flick knitting day one.







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