Counting socks. One sock, AH AH AH AH. Two socks AH AH AH AH.

I am going to make pretty socks if it kills me and it just might. How could you want to knit something so bad and it turn out so bad. I am on a quest to find the perfect knitted sock for me. Todays sock is brought you by the letter F for frog is now before you make a fool of yourself. Sounds like a show from my childhood. Sesame Street, I think was the name of it. Where there was a Count. One orange sock, AH AH AH AH. Two orange socks, AH AH AH AH.


If you want to see some pretty socks and a lady that can knit more than a pair a day. You should check out the Podcast Knitting Expat her name is Mina and she has almost knit 31 pairs of socks since January the 1st.

Another of one of the great knitters and an all around sweet person is       Susan B. Anderson she is Podcasting on YouTube. She has a sock pattern on he blog that is also a great way to help sock knitter figure things out.

If you haven’t already hear of the Yarn Harlot you must be living  under a rock. I’m not sure if she is into Podcasting yet, but she does everything else. I was gifted her book Knitting Rules by Stephany Pearl-McPhee and it made the idea of sock knitting a real thing in my knitting life.

The Loopy Ewe sock central they will be able to help with all you sock needs

Now I have shared all the information I have gathered over the years of try and fail sock knitting, you should be on your way. I hope you are better at sock knitting than I am. I just don’t get it I can design a colorwork sweater but can’t seem to make socks. Why is it we always want what we cant have. Off to swear at some more socks. Happy

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