Roast to French Onion Soup then a French dip mini subs.



Hey guys,

Here is my add to menu for this week. I started out with a small roast and this can be any cut of meat you like, I used eye of round. This beef was put into the crockpot and if you haven’t already noticed I love my crockpot. Along with the beef I added garlic powder, salt, pepper, and about 6 large onions sliced and rough chopped. Oh, a small amount of bell peppers because the were already chopped and in the frig. Let this cook until the roast is fork tender( that is where you can pull a bite from the roast with only a fork). Your onions should be soft and full of flavor.  You are finished except adding any vegetables to go along with your meal. We had steamed broccoli with our roast.

After that meal I took the last half of the roast and sliced it very thin and if your family finished off the roast just run to the store and pick up some RB from the supermarket along with those little French sub rolls and grated cheese to today. Now to todays meal, French onion soup. Add to the beef stock and onion that you cooked yesterday, Worcestershire sauce and it just takes a small amount. Ladle onion soup into a bowl add grated cheese on top and pair this with one of your mini French rolls. Night two done.


For the last night and you should be getting sick of this by now, my husbands favorite French dip sandwiches. Cut your bread in half but not all the way through, put your shaved roast beef in the crockpot with the remainder of your onion soup. this will get all the flavors into you beef. Place your bread on a cookie sheet and add a thin coat of butter on open face of the bread, add your cheese and toast in the oven. Now if you are like me I always forget the bread and it burns, so stay right there with you bread and check often, especially if your oven is on broil. Your bread is lightly toasted and your cheese id melted. This is where you pile on the roast beef. Ladle out a small bowl of your soup fir dipping and enjoy.

I hope this is something you can use to make your life a little easier in the kitchen. It took me several years of cooking and asking everyone, what do you want to eat before I started my add on way of cooking. I have one last thing I wanted to show you guys. We went through a time period where we added powdered creamer to our coffee and I noticed that the lids fit my pint canning jars. I put sugar in my jar added the creamer lid and mad myself an easy sugar dispenser.Thank you for stopping by.





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