It’s all about the sheep.


Hey guys,

Hope everyone is well. Let’s jump right in shall we. I spent 3 day knitting on a tam the included sheep, trees and supposed to be stars. I’m not so sure the stars look like stars and I may have to make another one. This will work for now, but I do love the sheep ad trees. I used 6 colors in this hat and it was not as bad as you would think. Most of the time I was only working with 2 of the colors.

The thing about making a pattern your own is understanding the numbers. I used a pattern call  Sheep Sarabande Tam by Eve Laine  it is a free pattern on Ravelry. I started out using a 0 needle and casting on 108 stitches, then increasing to 208 stitches. I know it does seem like a lot of stitches but it works out nicely. I did change to a size 1 needle for the body of the hat because it is colorwork and my colowork is tighter as is most peoples. This is why when you are knitting a sweater and it’s stocking net stitch and you will be adding a band of colorwork most designers will tell you to go up a needle size for the colorwork. The pulling and bulk of the yarn makes your knitting tighter in the colorwork areas.
Sorry got off subject. Back to the hat. Having 208 stitches to work with gave me a lot of room to add my own elements. I added trees, by making a char that flowed nicely and only having to add 4 stitches to the total number of my stitch count to make the tree area. After working the trees I worked a solid row of the next color taking out the once added 4 stitches. Now I am beck to the pattern numbers.
So, if you see a pattern you love but there is a part that you want to change it’s alright to add or subtract a few stitches to make your charts work for the pattern. Let’s talk about blocking your hat. I wash mine in shampoo and place it around a dinner plate to dry.


This hat took about 158 grams of fingering weight yarn. I have a Ziploc bag that I keep the end pieces of yarn after I have finished a project. It’s great to know something so pretty can come out of a bag of end pieces.

I would love to know what you do with you extra end pieces. There has been a craze going on with the sock blanket projects using these pieces, but I don’t think I have the attention span to work on a blanket. It would get started and find it’s  self in a corner of my knitting room untouched.


I hope you have a great weekend and stay warm and safe if you are in the path of the storms going through the South and East.

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