Transforming Food Leftovers.

Hey everyone,

I love cooking but I hate wasting food. This is what I have started doing for my family. Say, I made potato soup today and there was about half the pot left over. The next day I would add clams and clam juice or if you don’t have that option canned clams with the juice off the clams. Then you would still have a soup or a chowder but it a little different. This might just cut down on your grocery bill and keep you from having to cook every day. I think I will call this my add on day. Cook one day and add something to it the next day to change it.

Simple soup receipt: Diced potato’s ( you can purchase the canned diced potato’s if you need a quick meal), heavy cream, instant potato’s, spices of your choosing. I use garlic and chives most of the time. Heat potato’s drain add to pot with heavy cream and spices, don’t cook this on high it will burn the cream, medium heat is best here. Note to husband he always wants to cook everything on high heat. When everything is warmed through I add a little instant potato’s to thicken my soup a little. This is a great fast meal for the cold day’s we are having. Oh, one more thing for the little ones or cheese lover add a little or a lot on top it will melt and make a fantastic meal. For my Daughter-in-Law I always add bacon crumbled up. Yum! There is one more thing I thought of while whiting up this post. Some people don’t like clam chowder, so here is your add on. Start out with baked potato’s for your first meal then turn them into creamy baked potato soup.

The next day or add on day, simply add that can of clams you picked up at the store juice and all. warm through and you can add more instant potato’s if you think the clams thinned it out to much. Cheese and Bacon crumble optional. I know this seems like a lot of potato’s and having them 3 days would be a bad thing for your waist, but if you were serving a large group it would give you three options that could be changes within seconds. You could always make it an add your own ingredients for the family.

Next week I’ll talk about chicken of beef transformation. You can help pick by leaving me a comment as to which one you want to read about.

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