The yarn talks to me and some of my yarns wants to be heart socks.


They Yarn at home Mom After Glow

Hey guys I just wanted to start off by showing you what I got in the mail this week. Shannon Fowler  hand dyer let me purchase a skein of her sock yarn called After Glow. I will try to get pictures tomorrow to show you the magnificent colors. You also get a goodie bag with Twix and Yogi tea (Vanilla Hazelnut) and you know it the candy is already gone. The tea will be in my cup tonight while I pet my yarn, what you don’t pet your yarn? Yes I pet my yarn like most knitters do and try to make the right decision as to what project will show off it’s colors the best. You see hand dyed yarn is a special treat and you should knit it into something special, that project when you wear it and walk into a room people ask where did you get that. Not only have you done the yarn justice you have shown off your magnificent knitting skills. The newest yarn to go into my collection is sock yarn, but you know I don’t fall into the normal knitting traditions.

The heart wants what the hear wants and the yarn will tell you what it wants to be if you listen. What do you heart this beautiful yarn saying?

I have been thinkinsocks with heart heels (2)g I could add some Valentines socks to the store, but am not sure what sizes to make. I would love to hear from you to see what size shoe you wear. I will be making this a thing in the store for the next holiday to come. I’m pretty sure I will be knitting a lot of red and pink. If you were going to purchase a pair of socks, say for your little girl would you get a green pair with a yellow heart if that was her favorite colors? Are you more of a free spirit and love the socks that don’t match completely or the ones that are just random colors. Say a orange sock with a hot pink heart and a yellow sock with a blue heart and wear them as a pair. I could call them random heart socks.

These could be for that cold footed woman you sleep with that captured your heat before you knew she was going to put her cold feet on your back in the middle of the night. See this could be a win, win situation. You sleep better and she gets a pair of socks that says I will always love you. Drop me a comment if you need a pair but please do remember I am only one person and I do knit pretty fast, I don’t however have a magic wand.

Talk to you guys soon.





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