Colorwork for little people. No Pastel party!




Hello everyone,

Just another Friday and time to post again. I have been working all week on a pair of pants and a cardigan for the little person in your life. Do you think they should dress like a little person or a pastel flower? Haven’t we gotten past the days when everything is baby pink and baby blue and let’s not forget the mimageint green. My son was born in that time when it was a real pain in the tail to find clothes that didn’t come in one of the above mentioned colors. I was sick of seeing them and refuse to knit something in all pastel colors, accents yes but not the main body of work.

The colors I am working with are tiffany blue, burgundy, white and coral. I started out with the smallest size in the pants and will end with the cardigan. Knitting the child a cardigan seems to be logical because they are easier to put on. I have not started the Cardigan as of yet but will tonight. I have been working on bags again and it took 23 hours straight, well with eating  and showering, you know the normal day to day stuff. I have 9 new ones coming out today and will be very happy if I can put them in a picture where I don’t have to load all of them one by one.  I am learning what to do to get the blog where I want it, but man am I slow some days.

So lets see, I have 3 Mickey Mouse bags, 2 Walking Dead(1 glow in the dark)bags, 1 Ant bag, 1Jungle bag, 1 Sugar skull, and 1 splash of color. Yep, that’s 9 total. I cut out 2 Bronco bags, 1 Gryffindor bag, 1 Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck bag, and 2 Minion bags, oh I almost forgot 1 Dr. Who because I don’t have a zipper for that one yet. If my adding is correct that makes another 7. Whew, I’m going to bed. Night everyone hope you have a good weekend.

Group of bags 4walking dead group bagsgroup bags 1


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