The Ghost has a New Bag.

Hi guys,

Happy New Year to all of you crazy people out there. Are you ready to set new goals? Please don’t say you are going to loose weight. Because that puts so much pressure on you to live up to. Try saying I will walk more, cut out half the bread I eat in a day( that would be me), and eat more fruits and veggies. You will see a difference, just take baby steps, says the woman who wants to wake up skinny and young again. Where the heck is that fairy god mother anyway?

I pledge to you I will walk 15 minutes a day come rain or shine. Is that the postal service tag line? If I keep my promise I’ll get a new skein of yarn after 2 months. Speaking of yarn, I have been on a yarn diet for almost 2 years now, why not food? That is my new years offering to you. Now to the knitting and bags.

Here are the latest bags finished. What type of bag would you like to see?

yoga frog bag minion bag 2 imageimage image image image imageimageimageimagebag 6

Here is something I finished for the New Years knitting. The cabled sweater is what I want to make for the family (gifts for 2016 Christmas).’The blue hat is a silk blend and I made it for the Winter Camp KAL. The beautiful sweater is by Debbie Bliss in the book fine-donegal

blue silk hat Debbie Bliss Cabled sweater

Funniest thing happen the other day. I lost a box of cornstarch straight from the store. Now I ask you why cornstarch and why only the cornstarch? Where could it have gotten off to? I looked everywhere, even in the bathroom. I know that sounds crazy but I am getting to that age where you might find my cell phone in the frig. I do have knitting on the brain about 90% of the time and cant be bothered with things like did I put the toilet paper in the bathroom, so I have it when I’m the only one home and someone forgot to change the roll. Okay, back to the cornstarch, oh and bacon bits were missing from about 3 months back. If I have a ghost he/she must have loved bacon and I’m thinking the cornstarch might be used to thicken he/she up, so we can see he/she.

Here is an idea. I will be running a contest to give he/she a name. Send me your ideas and let’s only have two, one male and one female. There should be prizes, don’t you think? I’ll have to give that some thought.





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