Stay on track for 2016.

Hey guys and gals,

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. We had a quiet time here just me and the husband, it was nice. I gave away 20 hats to people that needed them. It was so cold here and snowing. I got to thinking about next Christmas and how I always have the best intentions of getting everyone exactly the right gift made, but never seem to get it all done.  I want you to help me keep on track, I know it is selfish of me, but I will be hosting KAL’s and there will be gifts. So what do you think can we help each other stay on track for 2016?


My to do list is:

DIL- socks she loves them and will always get a pair as long as I can knit.                                                                                                                        DIL- Cabled Sweater.
DS- Cabled Sweater.
DS-Hats, yes I said hats because he goes through these like crazy.
DH- Cabled Sweater.
DH- socks
Echo- Knitting bag
Alicia- Not sure yet, she will mention something I can make for her.

This is my list for now and I am sure it will get bigger. So you see why I need your help. I was reading the Yarn Harlot and she knits throughout they year ad add to her Christmas box. Now why hasn’t anyone ever told about this bloody knitting box? Should this box be decorated so everyone knows it’s the knitting Christmas box, or should it be a secret box so nobody knows and that way they will not be looking inside to see what they are getting? I have been known to get every family member their own wrapping paper and nobody knew but me. Sneaky right.




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