What is you want to buy?

Hey Guys, I am in need of direction. You know as with many people these day, extra money isn’t extra. I want to help my hard-working husband make money to be able to pay bills and live the life I thought we might be living at our age. I don’t want you to feel bad […]

Not your Moms note cards.

Hey Guys, I thought I would start drawing again. Well, let’s be honest it’s been a long time since I felt like drawing. I stayed up way to late last night because I just couldn’t seem to stop. I want to do note cards and I need your help with the captions. I will send […]

From the desk of nobody special, nothing special.

    Hey Guys, Don’t get all upset over the title, it’s self-reflection. Have you ever met a person that is so full of themselves that you couldn’t stand to be in the same room with them, yep, me to. I was once told by a very special person in my life “you will never […]

To be a heel or not be a heel?

Hey Guys, I am back to knitting every other day and can’t wait for it to be everyday. Now, that I am knitting, I am on a pedi sock knitting kick. I had a shop owner ask if I could make pedi socks for her business. Yes, yes I can. Now the most important question […]

Little balls of all colors.

Hey Guys, I am back to knitting and I thought it might be a good idea to make some of those shorty socks. It seems I am starting over where I didn’t start the last time I started knitting, with socks. I was never much of a sock knitter because nobody wears them in my […]

Cleaning up the work room!

Hey Guys, I have a good friend that called today and told me she was cleaning up her craft room. You know I could not help but clean mine also. It wasn’t bad, mostly things down stairs that needed to be brought back up to their places. I made a whole wall hanging or baby […]