Potato Soup/ Clam chowder

Hey Guys, It’s getting cooler here and this is when I love to cook the most. So let’s get right to the easy, but body warming potato soup/clam chowder. First I will give you a shopping list, ham pieces( I get the cubed ones already chopped up.by Farmland), Bear Creek creamy potato soup mix, 1/2 […]

Breakfast French Toast

Hey Guys, I had to share the breakfast my husband cooked for me today. We buy this apple cinnamon bread and it’s fantastic and full of calories. When we went to town he put two in our buggy, now I know it’s good bread but he doesn’t normally indulge like that. The next morning I […]

Yoke Sweater on its way to Japan

Hey Guys, I just finished a sweater size 2/3 and it’s on its way to Japan. Dog sweaters to Italy and people sweaters to Japan. I may have been looking in the wrong selling place. The excitement of selling yo people in other lands is beyond explosive. Well I am off to make another pet […]

Cable sweaters on their way to Italy

Hey Guys, I just had to show you the 2 off white cabled pet sweater I just shipped to Italy. The sweaters are for George and Charlotte, I will show these two cuties off after a quick update. I was thinking about pet sweaters and thought it might be time to make something different and […]

Bree is a knitting machine

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to Bree. She lives down the street from me and came up one day to pet the puppy and learn to knit. Bree is a crazy inspirational person, who just happens to be in a wheel chair. Don’t let that fool you she is a very talented […]

What is it you want to buy?

Hey Guys, I am in need of direction. You know as with many people these day, extra money isn’t extra. I want to help my hard-working husband make money to be able to pay bills and live the life I thought we might be living at our age. I don’t want you to feel bad […]