Little balls of all colors.

Hey Guys, I am back to knitting and I thought it might be a good idea to make some of those shorty socks. It seems I am starting over where I didn’t start the last time I started knitting, with socks. I was never much of a sock knitter because nobody wears them in my […]

Cleaning up the work room!

Hey Guys, I have a good friend that called today and told me she was cleaning up her craft room. You know I could not help but clean mine also. It wasn’t bad, mostly things down stairs that needed to be brought back up to their places. I made a whole wall hanging or baby […]

Keep it simple stupid!

Hey Guys, The title is for me, not you. I had forgotten a lesson learned earlier in life, keep it simple stupid. You see, I am guilty of trying to make you happy, while making myself happy too. Sometimes the two don’t go hand in hand, as many small companies find out to late. Let […]

Updated baby quilt.

Hey guys, Hope everyone is having a great day. I just wanted to drop by to show you the first pictures of the new baby quilt on the quilt wall.  I don’t normally make quilts like everyone else, baby colors and bunny rabbits. Please don’t feel as if I don’t like that type of quilt, […]

Puppies, sewing and knitting.

Hey Guys, I have been sewing a lot the past few weeks. Thinking it would be easier than chasing the puppy down with a ball of yarn in his mouth, boy was I wrong. It isn’t yarn it’s material. Can’t you see me with my big fat belly running across the back yard yelling don’t […]

If you were a tea flavor what would you be?

  Hey Guys, You all already know I am making Mug Rug Tea Pouches and I want to add individual packets of tea. Here is the question for you. What is your favorite tea flavor and does it match your personality? is here in Colorado so it is easy to get my hands on […]